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Piktochart Feature on China Infographics Magazine

Not long ago, Ching (co-founder, business development and generally-everything-else-officer) has been interviewed by Jordan Thomas, a journalist for Agendas Beijing, an English lifestyle magazine in Beijing.

You can read all about it here. Some favourite excerpts:

“People often have data and charts and information but don’t know how to organize it into an infographic. They’re actually not easy to create and organize.”

What is your background, that made you so in love with infographics?
Statistics, actually.  As well as experimental psychology. And after that, web design. But I’m not a designer; I’m just the face.

Are you finding any resistance to using infographics?
People are not always happy to switch to another form of presentation. Many of us are fascinated with infographics and what they can communicate, but the whole world is not.

Can you define that difference between what should/should not be an infographic

Marketing material works great as infographics, as does any complex material that could be simplified through graphic representation to help people make the connection.

Ai Ching

Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.