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Our Piktochart Startup Story

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Do you know….

Where Piktochart came from?
How did we get started?
When did Piktochart start become popular?
Some ups and downs (that we do not usually reveal) 😉

Find out more in the Slideshare deck below.

The general chronology is:
– July 2011: Co founders went to China
– Dec 2011: Released beta
– Mar 2012: First paying user
– Jun 2012: AppSumo contacted us
– Jan 2013: Revamped user interface to Javascript + HTML 5, 170,000 users
– Sept 2013: (Today) – 430,000 users and still releasing tonnes of features and improving according to user feedback!
– Jan 2014: ??? What’s going to happen? Stay tuned!

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