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Our Mention in Kwong Wah

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Recently, we met with a couple of journalists in Kwong Wah, Penang, who were interested to learn more about what Piktochart does. As infographics and online savvy presentations are quite an alien subject, we spent most of our time explaining what infographics do and a little on startup accelerators/incubators’ business model.

Piktochart Press Release Guang Ming

Take a look at an excerpt (which has been translated from Chinese) about what they mentioned of Piktochart:
Piktochart allows users to introduce data information visually / create a memorable Visual images page story and embed into blogs and websites.

Piktochart doesn‘t require expensive consultant fees or downloading or learning how to use complicated softwares。 You will only need to provide information and Picktochart will combine the data information provided in a page and transform it into an interesting single page visual stories.

Some behind the scenes coverage:

Journalist X: Are you sure a company would invest in you and gives you money to grow your company? Sounds too good to be true.

Journalist Y: This app sounds very relevant to presenters and speakers.

We had a good time convincing them that online presentations these days are apparent on Facebook landing page and website landing page. We do not need to be presenting in order to need powerful presentation formats.

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