Don’t Make Just Another Infographic – In 8 Easy Steps

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If you’ve ever been on the designer’s seat of creating an infographic, I’m pretty sure the following questions have had this one question run through your head.

Is this going to be just another infographic?

First, let’s take look at what makes a “Just Another Infographic”, and focusing on the three main ingredients of an infographic.


  • You infographic presents stale content,
  • It not provide readers with a solution

Facts and data presented

  • Weak data points doesn’t support infographic narrative
  • There is no reference to the data presented
  • The facts are not accurate or intriguing


  • Bad integration of colors, images, subjects and numbers
  • Only text with no images
  • Only graphics and charts with no text

Now that we know what makes a “Just Another Infographic”. Here are some tips on creating an infographic which makes people think, “this is not just another infographic!”.

We’ve broken it down into 8 easy methods. Check it out in the infographic below!

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