Easter weekend is around the corner. I hope you have made plans for the long weekend. We have a new theme to help you celebrate the season. Presenting, Easter in an infographic as designed by Rin.

For this infographic, Rin focussed on chocolate – its consumption which many Americans see as the true meaning of Easter. Who doesn’t love a good egg hunt anyway? Rin got her information from Pocket Money, About’s Gourmet Food and Do Something.

Have fun with this new theme! We have added a bunch of new icons and images available for you to use to celebrate the season. There are new bunnies, buntings and eggs.

We at Piktochart see this theme being turned into infographic invitations to Easter events, sales reports – anything celebratory goes. Like a fun garden party.

Click through to start making your Easter infographic!


Rachel Choong

Rachel likes to think of herself as a PR expert. She also strings words together - copy for the site and words for the blog. And when she's not working, she's travelling - deep into books and to not-too-distant shores.