free moz trial for Piktochart PRO users

Dear PRO users,

We are working on some really great deals for you and the special to kickstart the list is Moz.

Details: MOZ, the leading SEO management tool is giving our PRO users a free 60 Day trialCheck it out here!

Open Site Explorer

Why Moz is important if you are serious about content marketing?

We use MOZ  to check on the “health” of our search engine rankings. As an infographic site, we are all about inbound (or content) marketing. Because of that, we use Moz to check  on how we can better optimize our pages and also find out who are linking to us and why. Moz is really good but we are listing down a couple of favorite features below.

  • Followerwonk enables you to segment and have quick looks at your Twitter followers
  • On Page Grader provides you with reports on how to further optimize any page on your site
  • Open Site Explorer gives you a detailed view. It also details alt texts and keeps track on all inbound links you receive week on week
  • Forums/Community which has some world’s leading experts on SEO talking, sharing and debating about best case practices

Like this offer? Let us know of other partnerships you’d like to see happen on Piktochart!

Have fun!

Team @ Piktochart

Ai Ching

Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.