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This infographic had the most views among all public Piktochart infographics in 2013. Congratulations to our user pjaeger!
Did you assume that infographics are only for bloggers and marketers? Actually, more and more teachers are using infographics in classroom – to create their own materials or as a tool for student assignments.

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Natalija S.

Natalija joins us from Lithuania with a MSc. An adventuress at heart, she aspires to work in fast moving startup environment. Her goal is to eat lots of local food and learn some Chinese. Ni hao!

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2 Responses to “The Most Popular Piktochart Infographic of 2013”

  1. Katie

    Ugh, nothing is aligned or centered and COMIC SANS? Come on now… This is not very good.

    • Ai Ching


      From a design point of view, your comments are valid. However, in an infographic content plays a very big role – and if it is useful, people might just not notice a few design flaws.
      Katie, you are always welcome to share articles on basic design tips that users with no design background could find useful, and which in turn help them to create better looking infographics!


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