Chao has recently been named Chief Technological Officer – a role led by Andrea in the past. Chao has been a project manager and Ruby on Rails programmer at VMWare company before he joined Piktochart.

We’re gearing up for our next challenge.

“We know we hardly have the perfect infographic editor app (yet) – still we try. And we will stop at nothing to get it right.” says Chao cheerfully.

As a co founder, Andrea will act as an advisor on the DevOps and back end programming functions of Piktochart. He also hinted that he will be working on another startup and while we’ll be missing him, we would like to also wish him all the best in his life journey!

There you have it! Piktochart is growing and moving up a level. But before that…


As the first of many upgrades, this weekend the Magic.Piktochart editor will be offline for two hours. This planned outage is for a performance upgrade on Piktochart’s servers. The details:

What’s happening

In the two hours, we hope to:

    1) Upgrade the Piktochart database
    2) Update our servers for better site security

Why we’re doing this

For a better Piktochart experience. This upgrade will:

    1)Improve reaction time for our users
    2)Enable Piktochart to support future features

How it will affect you

The Piktochart infographics editor will be inaccessible for two hours on Friday, 15th August 2014 from 10:30PM to 12:30AM (+1 day) CDT. We timed this so that the majority of our users in the western hemisphere are unaffected.

If you are working at that time, please save all your work in progress and have a break while we work to make Piktochart better. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

You wouldn’t even notice the difference – just a faster, more efficient Piktochart. We’re going up a level.

Speaking of which…

The Piktochart development team is growing. And we’re looking for developers to join our team. Do you know how to Javascript? Are you in love with Ruby as much as we are? Or are you more of a back end guy?

This may just be the answer to your next career break… Check out our careers page for more information.

Thank you Chao, Hong Ming, Cloud and the rest of the back end development team for coming in on Saturday afternoon for this upgrade.

Rachel Choong

Rachel likes to think of herself as a PR expert. She also strings words together - copy for the site and words for the blog. And when she's not working, she's travelling - deep into books and to not-too-distant shores.

  • Sudhakaran

    A nice venture. Hope it will be a revolution in the blogging world. Wish you all the best

  • Helen M

    Since this level up, the site has been having great problems. Please get your coders to review :

    *the Presenta Board Template in the Presentation Mode.
    *The icon tray. Specifically, there are a lot of education related icons that are not displaying in the trey or edit mode.

    Also, I think it would be appropriate to alert users that there are problems and at least make public what browsers are best working with the site, etc.

    Love Piktochart overall, but am disappointed in the lack of response to these problems which have greatly affected my ability to use my EXISTING Piktocharts.

    • Ai Ching

      Hi Helen, I hope the problems you noted have already been resolved. Thank you for highlighting them.