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Today’s business world is incredibly competitive, and to make your product stand out from the crowd you have to innovate and find unique and creative ways to make your business shine. A great way to do this is by using infographics. Let’s explore why that is.

What do people look for?

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Research has shown that when people browse the web or search for something particular, they often spend only a few seconds on a certain website if it doesn’t immediately catch their eye. Your website needs to have something that can capture their attention within that limited time span.

Social networking sites like Twitter have also contributed to this fast paced Internet browsing style. People are used to finding to information quickly, and they are used to seeing it in short, easy to read and understand segments.

Also, people tend to look for things that appear interesting and appealing. Brightly colored Web 2.0 graphics are much more likely to attract their attention than dull colorless or pictureless text. Having a neatly organized infographic will be easy to understand, versus trying to look up some obscure fact buried deep within in a lengthy article. This will attract visitors attention and keep them on your website longer.

Consider a site like Wikipedia. It contains tons of great, useful information, but sometimes it has too much. Perhaps you’ve tried to look up some technical topic and found a page plastered with loads of technical specifications that are difficult to understand. If so, you’ll appreciate the simple beauty of infographics.

Why are info graphics good for my site?

People like to post and link to interesting things on their social media sites, and an infographic is the perfect thing to reference. When someone follows a link to an infographic, it’s immediately easy to recognize what the point of the link is and why it might be interesting.

Bloggers who frequently use infographics will gain more repeat visitors as they come back to see what new information is posted. Infographics are much more interesting and easy to follow than traditional text.

Simply browse a gallery of infographics such as this one and you’ll see almost instantly just how effective an infographic can be. Even topics you’re not usually interesting can become appealing when presented in such a way.

How do I make an info graphic?

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Try out a simple tutorial of a popular online infographic tool, like Piktochart’s demo, to see how easy it is to build your own infographic.

Ready-made templates and graphics make the design part of infographics easy. Pre-made graphing software also makes it really easy to take your data and instantly turn it into charts built to scale.

Take your text or other information and break it up into small chunks, and mix that in with pictures. For instance, this infographic does a great job of mixing up fairly large amounts of text with pictures and illustrations to make it incredibly readable.

Consider colors and pictures that could make your infographic really pop. The visual aspect of an infographic is what really makes it stand out to your readers or customers. Depending on how you design your infographic, you can still mix in a fairly large amount of text and information, but the added colors and neat visual organization will make it much more interesting than a traditional blog post.

Other infographics may be more visual heavy, with less text. The old adage says that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is absolutely true in the case of infographics.

How can I try this?

If you haven’t tried creating an info graphic before, try making one today. You’ll be surprised at how easy you find it, and you’ll be even more surprised at the results it brings to your website. Pictogram offers a tutorial on making infographics here, then you can get started with a free trial here.

How can I use info graphics?

Infographics can be used for almost any type of website. For businesses, it can be used to showcase the features of your product or to display data about the benefits of the services you offer.

Bloggers will find that infographics make for unique and entertaining blog posts, and can be used for virtually and type of writing. Try using them today and watch you website’s analytics as site visitors and retention increase!

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