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Infographic Software for Download?

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Piktochart’s come on a long way (although it’s only been 5 months since beta launch!) and seen us through a couple of major wins and downfalls. We have been asked by very few users whether a software for download solution for infographics/Piktocharts would be a good one and our first impression was – who isn’t connected to the Internet these days? Why want an offline tool?

So we took a look around in the space- something to do with visualizations, design, diagramming and presentation softwares. We are not going to include the Office Suites in this space here as their main bread and butter comes 90% + from offline softwares. But we have also taken a look at startups turned huge ventures in the space. And among them, let’s check out the pricing and logic behind having an offline solution.

Case study #1. Prezi

We have been big fans of Prezi since they started. (Let’s say we did not even conceive of the idea of Piktochart yet at that point). If you take a look at the pricing below, only the $159 per year account allows for Prezi-software download. That said, we are guessing that based on color scheme that they have used today at this very particular point, they are trying to get people to sign up for the $59/year. Green, red color schemes have always stood out a lot more.

Are users really after Prezi desktop solution? I have personally used Prezi and despite the laggy user experience sometimes, it really does its job at impressing any sort of audience! My personal recommendation would be to use a web app for this as I usually work on presentations and surf a couple of browsers at the same time to try to get all my references cross-checked and validated. More importantly, images look pretty cool on Prezi and being online at the same time enables me to dig for photos.

Prezi pricing and downloadable software

Case study #2. SlideRocket

SlideRocket has made a very quick exit in the presentation space for an undisclosed amount after 4-5 years of operating. That is pretty neat and a good inspiration for anyone entering this space. Taking a look at their pricing model, they offer the Recommended Plan of $24/month. We know that their pricing used to be lower than this previously. But Hey they included an online, offline and mobile version in this package!

In our opinion, SlideRocket has nearly re-invented the presentation space. They did not give birth to slide-based presentations which would be Powerpoint, but you are able to access the presentation from anywhere, track the effectiveness of your online presentations, collaborate on presentations, share them easily – online and offline, have tele-conferences with SlideRockets as the main presentation tool…….. All but one of the cool features of SlideRocket require an online connection!

SlideRocket Presentation software for download

The 2 case studies above have just demonstrated that most features work only when they are online. Are offline models still needed for presentations? Well perhaps if you would want to save it on your desktop while working and not feel like you would lose everything if something went wrong with the server or its connection to the server while you are working on it. :/

So, what do you say? Would you recommend that Piktochart gets an offline solution/downloadable software for infographics too?

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