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Infographic Designs – An inspiration but we’d also like to hear your suggestion

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Where do you get your infographic designs from?

Infographics Design

We are a startup that is based in Malaysia although one co-founder is Italian, we graduated from Chinaccelerator (TechStars affliate) and studied in UK. That makes us a pretty international team, we hope! In creating designs, we are also like you, blinded by the amount of infographic designers there are out there! It is tough for one designer to produce about 3-5 new infographic themes/templates per week, but we are constantly looking for feedback and upgrading ourselves.

PSST: There is a new Piktochart website due to be released soon (although we won’t say when is soon) and there will be 3 new free themes to accompany them!

In our mission of appealing to all non-designers from any country at all in the world, we have also done some research cross-borders to find out what infographics look and taste like in different parts of the world. Take a look at some of our findings. In order to not become overly biased as infographic designs differ by the individual designer and not really the entire country, we have picked custom-made infographics by news portals which did not originate from Thomson Reuters/Bloomberg etc.

Take a look at a couple of infographic designs for inspiration….

Created by @ivanisawesome, art director based in Cape Town, Africa.

Africa infographic Taken from Chosun- newspaper in Korea.

Korean Chosun

Taken from Ria.Ru (Russian news site)

Russian infographic
Do you have any recommendation on what Piktochart could produce next? Why don’t you let us know? We are always available on Skype, Twitter and Facebook at you guessed it, Piktochart :)

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