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Story telling infographics


We have a few very simple story-telling guidelines for noobs. Any infographic loses its meaning without real data/information and story-line. We noticed that users often try to fill in information in their Piktocharts as they go along but this is less likely to be helpful. As with every communication plan that we execute, whether it is a blog post, an annual report or a summary of the financial market, the person who is creating the infographic must have in mind what are the key takeaways? What numbers do they have to support it?

Here we have created a very simple spreadsheet to help you structure your thoughts. We are looking forward to your creations!

Please note that the information that you have inserted below are not protected by any privacy or confidentiality clauses. We do not share any of the information below, but the team members of Piktochart are entitled to view it. Please use it as a guide or a practice sheet :)

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