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free infographic appWe’re going to keep this post simple.

We have users who keep emailing us:
  • “How do other users use Piktochart?”
  • “Are they noobs like me?”
  • “Have they successfully managed to put Piktocharts into powerpoint?”
And we decided to let YOU speak out. Why don’t we allow our amazing users to describe how they create a Piktochart? What are they doing with Piktochart? Why are you using Piktochart?
If you could create a video of yourselves talking about Piktochart (1-2 minutes in length is more than enough) OR better still, create a screencast of how you created Piktochart, that would really be tremendously helpful.
Once you send us the link (Tweet/Facebook/email us), we will upgrade your account to PRO for 3 months. Get $87 worth of Piktochart Pro usage!
To start things rolling, we are including one by an anonymous user here.
And a screencast that we created. We used QuickTime’s Screen Recording function but you could also use Silver Back and a couple of other apps.

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