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All the buzz about education technology begins to gain a solid ground. Although at first infographics were used only to display shareable content, recently they were adopted in education.

WAYS OF USEInfographics are being used by students to display the assignments, summaries or results of their projects. The process of an infographic creation tests their skills in sketching/planning, researching and distilling large amount of data, as well as graphic literacy. Their ultimate goal is to present a lot of complex information in an easy to read format.

Whereas teachers use them for syllabus and other communications in the classroom or outside of it (parent engagement, marketing/advertising). Try it for FREE here.

EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS that have used Piktochart PROWe are notoriously proud to have big names such as Harvard University and Cornell Unversity among our PRO users. Yet, we are proud to be a part of the daily educational activities in many big and small schools.


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    Jon Tait

    Woodham Academy(UK)
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    Maribel Castilla Heredia

    Universidad CEU San Pablo(Spain)
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    Mia MacMeekin

    Epigogy, Inc.(US)

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