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“Its all-powerful, dominant, and compelling…. “

Dark 2 is pitch-black template, it allures readers to look more into it. The template’s layout allows to add basic information about any topic. Although the primary background color is black, the template can be easily customized by changing the background colour into another dark color or a dark background image (you can use our stock photographs or upload your own image).

You may wonder, “How do I harness the power of Dark 2?” There are four blocks in this template, the top block is for title and the sub-header, brief explanation what is this infographic for. The blocks in the middle can be used to include information, details, and fine points to deliver to the viewers. To awaken your force, the last column is usually for little tips and references.

Some examples of how you can use this template:

  • What do I prepare for Halloween?
  • Warehouse sales, where and when?
  • Learning to save money the right way
  • Choosing the right smartphone
  • Black Friday sales aftermath report

All in all,  Dark 2 is a template that emphasizes on fewer points but summarizes key points. There are several other similar Pro Infographics Templates such as, Outer Space, Transport Evo, Selling Your House, Movember, Blogomatic and lastly, How to Create a Minimalist Home.

dark 2
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