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Coffee vs Tea

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 “Looking for a template to compare two things together?”

Piktochart has the perfect (and free) template for you! This template is designed in a way to compare items side by side to identify the differences clearly. Some ideas in which you can use this template for:

  • Republicans vs Democrats
  • Pros and cons of Home-schooling
  • Iphone 6 vs Samsung S5

To approach this infographic, you will need to think about the similarities between the 2 items, not just the differences. It will be helpful to list out the attributes (both qualitative and quantitative) and to consider when possible, using a matrix chart to represent the statistics/numbers. Here is an example:


  • Number of people home-schooling
  • Total revenue
  • Percentage of voters in East Coast vs West Coast
  • Cost of renting a 500 sq ft apartment


  • Interests, hobbies
  • Product features
  • Names of team members/awards

Here are several of our Pro Infographics that enables a side by side comparison: Election, Savings Account, SWOT Analysis, Socialite and Tech Theme, check them out!


Start with your comparison infographic now, Coffee vs Tea: click here!

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