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Infographic Hack #4: Make Your Infographics More Shareable With The Art of Teasing

You’ve spent time creating an infographic. You’ve applied all the tips and tricks of creating an awesome infographic. It has a catchy title to go along with it. You have…

Nov 12, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Infographic Hack #2: Use Infographic to Make Reports People Actually Want to Read

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who dreads reading reports. The word report has struck fear into the hearts of most since…

Nov 07, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Audience Sleep FRAME

Infographic Hack #1: 3 Steps to Create an Engaging Presentation using Infographic

Successful presenters are either born gifted or extremely dedicated to the practice of presenting and public speaking. Or so I thought at least. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, this football player,…

Nov 05, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Infographics still Relevant FRAME

Are Infographics Still Relevant in Your Marketing Strategy?

Visual content marketing is growing in popularity. Graphic, photos, charts and graphs are great way at getting your message out. Enter infographics! People adopt infographics in their marketing strategy to…

Sep 30, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Be User Focussed Frame

Be User-focused: Keep your marketing campaign from dying

Successful marketing campaigns build the values of your brand. It brings financial repercussion that some businesses cannot afford to face if failed. A successful marketing campaign should revolve around your customers/users. Take…

Sep 02, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Storytelling for Branding Frame

Storytelling: 10 Significant Reasons For Branding

Brands and agencies need to embrace storytelling because it’s awesome and it works. Storytelling for branding is not a new method. It’s simply buzzing as a unique content marketing way…

Aug 28, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Storytelling Frame

Storytelling: What makes a good story

If you’ve been following us, we’ve been talking about Stories and why it works. We have established that everyone loves a good story. So, let us take a look at…

Aug 14, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Why Storytelling Works Frame

Storytelling: Why it Works

Storytelling is as ancient as time itself. It has been around since before the existence of the written language – relied on to pass myths, traditions and moral advice through the generations. Stories…

Aug 12, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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Legit Data Frame (1)

Get Legit: How to Find Reliable Data for your Content

I stared at the dashboard on my screen. The % New Visits have plunged downwards since five days ago. The bold red numbers with its daunting negative symbol stressed me…

Jul 22, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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One Bite At A Time: 6 Ways To Make Your Readers Fall in Love with You

One bite at a time: 6 ways to make your readers fall in love with you.

Over the last decade, consumer attention spans have reduced significantly. The numbers of posts and updates on digital media have increased tremendously. And they are increasingly mobile. Mobile subscriptions have…

Jul 18, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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