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Viral Sharing Title (2)

Viral Sharing Tactics for your Infographic

Making your carefully crafted infographic go viral isn’t a dark science. It doesn’t just happen miraculously. You have to make it happen. The key to a successful viral infographic lies…

Jun 19, 2014 by Shuan Thing
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SWOT Title (1)

New theme: SWOT Analysis

We heard you. All your polite requests for SWOT analysis as a theme. So here it is! You can start creating your own SWOT analysis now!  Here’s a breakdown of how…

Mar 07, 2014 by Rachel Choong
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Title- Marketing Pitch

How to use infographics in your marketing pitch

Making a marketing pitch is a difficult thing. You need to convince people that what you have on offer is better than any other option they have encountered. Is it…

Feb 28, 2014 by Rachel Choong
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Pick a Topic

How to Pick the Topic of Your Infographic

Of all the decisions you make when creating an infographic, it may be the first that’s ultimately the most important: what topic to cover. Even the most well-researched and well-designed…

Feb 25, 2014 by Natalija S.
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8 Types

8 types of infographics: which is right for you?

There is more to infographics than a bunch of scattered numbers and pictures in a long image. Actually there are different types of infographics (this flowchart shows 8) that come…

Feb 20, 2014 by Natalija S.
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promote your infographic beginners first steps

Promote your Infographic in 5 minutes

If you had only 5 minutes to promote your awesome infographic, what would you do? Super quick tips to get your infographic out After you have published your infographic into…

Feb 12, 2014 by Natalija S.
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promote your infographic intermediate skills when you got more time

6 Marketing Ideas for an Infographic

Marketing ideas differ greatly on the content and the purpose of your infographic. If you got only 5 minutes to spare and aim to cover the basics, we suggest you…

Feb 11, 2014 by Natalija S.
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Facebook Sponsored Stories

Step-by-Step Guide: Use Facebook Sponsored Stories to Promote Your Infographic

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and seen that one of your friends has “Liked” a page, claimed an offer from a company that they liked,…

Feb 05, 2014 by Natalija S.
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alberto cairo infographics

Alberto Cairo: Isn’t it always about reducing clutter?

Alberto Cairo, Professor of Information Graphics and Visualization at the School of Communication of the University of Miami, is an expert on Infographics and how they help us understand the…

Jan 30, 2014 by Natalija S.
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Select Viral

Select a viral topic for your infographic

Visual content is on rise and so are infographics. If you are a blogger or a marketing manager there is a high chance you have created an infographic or are…

Jan 16, 2014 by Natalija S.
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