The following guest blog post is created by John, an avid fan of Piktochart Pro. John contacted us to write a blog post of Piktochart and we are so happy to share his story and how he got the above in 1 hour + of work.

My name is John Rampton and I am the founder of So I got a confession, I love Piktochart. I was told about Piktochart by a friend Adam Green at Maple North. He showed me how easy it was to create an infographic. I thought, why not! So I gave it a try.

So I tried it, signed into my account. Started creating my infographic. I choose a popular theme and got started. It’s pretty simple. I spend about an hour collecting all the information that I would put in my infographic. After the hour of collecting info I started putting it all into the popular infographic theme that I was working on.

It took me about another hour to put everything into the infographic, then another 15 min for me to go through it with someone else to edit all the errors (I can’t spell very well apparently). I then posted up the infographic on our company blog. I didn’t do anything different from other posts I’ve put up in the past.

We named it Blogging Stats 2012, if you search in Google; we’re number two in the rankings for those keywords. Pretty good for only being up for a week or two.

Traffic on Piktochart

What came after is 10x more important. I posted it up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as StumbleUpon. I also asked a few friends to mention it and get it going a little viral. It ended up driving significant traffic to our site (See Picture Below) and driving 280+ signups to our site. We ended up getting 15+ comments, 90+ comments on Facebook, 8 Shares, 10+ comments on Google+ as well as 240 inbound links to that page. The page is also now a PR4 page. Pretty good for an hour of work.

If you don’t think infographics work, you should really think about it and put it up on your top things to do this week. Thanks Piktochart for putting together a super easy and user friendly site for me to make money with!

Below is the infographic John created. Thanks, John! Please check out the great work here

state of blogging 2012

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Ai Ching

Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.

  • PointCom

    “15+ comments, 90+ comments on Facebook, 8 Shares, 10+ comments on Google+ as well as 240 inbound links to that page” And 280+ sign ups?! Holy cow, what a success story. Congrats, John!

  • MiltonGan

    Thanks for sharing John! That’s such a great result from your first infographic and it has definitely inspired me to (finally) get started!

  • Ai Ching

    That is indeed a great story of how to utilize infographics. Thanks for sharing, John!

  • Snhunt

    I checked out the stats quoted and I think they’re highly over blown. Facebook has 1 like from the same person who likes most of your posts, and according to open site explorer, 50 total links. Also, the article is ranked 8 on Google.

    • piktochart

      Welcome to Piktochart. Please follow the link below to choose a password, and we will log you in right away.

      This email is a service from Piktochart

    • Ai Ching

      Hi there, thanks for commenting. The results were reported from John’s article on this link. We simply are posting an article about the article that he wrote – so the results did not come from this Piktochart article but from John’s article (URL below). Hope that makes it clearer and thanks for checking us out! :)