Here are some of the positions available for now. To apply, use the Apply Now form below or alternatively email us directly at shen[at]

Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your UI designs and graphics skills with an exciting startup? Piktochart team is looking for a solid User interface/ User experience designer who is able to combine insights from users, wireframe and consider the best user experience from all angles. To do that, you will need relentless testing, researching and learning from what other apps do.

  • Work directly with the UX Researcher to shape ideas and create wireframe prototypes.
  • Design beautiful, clear interfaces for our web interface.
  • Adhere to branding guidelines (and help to challenge the existing guidelines!)
  • You will explore and study what has been done out there and what are the best practices when it comes to interaction/animation/layout etc.
  • You will help instill a design culture in the company as a whole — we want everyone to value and understand the role of design.

What we are looking for?

  • At least 3 years professional experience as a UI designer, preferably working on web but mobile experience is an additional plus.
  • You have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, HTML/CSS and wireframing tools such as Invision.
  • You are passionate in designing products with simple, intuitive experiences that delight customers.
  • You have good understanding of user-centered design principles and best practices.
  • It is a bonus if you have experience in front end programming with Bootstrap/Foundation or any other frameworks.

We’re a growing startup based in Penang with more than 2,800,000 users and we have been mentioned on Forbes, MIT Tech Review etc. We’re a family of about 30 people and we are looking for the next game changer to join us!

A sample of what you will be working on:

  • Interviewing users. The key to creating a great experience for the users is to know them properly. This means talking with them via phone/Skype/face to face all the time. You will be collecting data about them and creating surveys etc. It is important that you love analyzing and researching people.
  • Analyzing how other interfaces perform. This involves a general gut feeling about how things work but also a persistence in finding the best interface that would resolve the problem that the users are facing. To do this well, you will first need to understand the app and our users.
  • Creating wireframes. Once the users are defined and problem clearly articulated, you will proceed to create wireframes and work together with the designers and developers in the team to propose changes to the current app.

Here are some things we are looking for:

  • At least 1-2 years of experience working with research/labs and/or communications (e.g. PR)
  • The ability to be organized and meticulous about follow up
  • The ability to understand how to create great survey questions and how to analyze the data that has been collected
  • You are not shy to be on the phone/video calls with the users all the time
  • You work very well with others (users and internal team) and have excellent spoken English
  • You will continuously try out new campaigns and have a lot of ideas on how to execute them but the decisions will be based on “Test, Build, Measure” and repeat
  • You love improving your craft and learning. Your role will probably change every 3-6 months since we’re a growing company. There will be plenty of opportunities to take on as much responsibility as you can handle.
  • You also love working with huge degrees of uncertainty. Our ideas frequently fail and we have to start over from scratch. We don’t always know where the next batch of growth is going to come from. But we’ve learned to thrive in uncertainty and keep pushing until we find the next step. If that uncertainty scares you, this won’t be a good role for you.

Piktochart team is looking for a solid Javascript developer who loves writing JavaScript from scratch. We’re a growing startup based in Penang with more than 2,800,000 users and we have been mentioned on Forbes, MIT Tech Review etc. We’re a family of about 30 people and we are looking for the next game changer to join us!

A sample of what you will be working on:

  • Interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Creating visually appealing interfaces.
  • Programming interaction with JavaScript and/or a library/Frameworks such as jQuery, node.js, Bootstrap
  • Testing cross-browser, cross-platform, and/or cross-device compatibility for inconsistencies.
  • Responsible for conducting observational user testing, or reviewing designs against usability heuristics.

Here are some things we are looking for:

  • 2+ years experience in JavaScript or front end development for application
  • Expertise in JavaScript fundamentals, HTML5, CSS3, and other web languages & technologies
  • Attention to detail, passion for writing great code
  • Able to improve the user experience of the Piktochart app by giving it more features
  • Someone who picks things up quickly, contributes to everyone’s learning and want to grow with the company

We are looking for ROR developer who has the ability and mentality to get things done.

A sample of what you will be working on:

  • Creating solid backend systems to support new features(except database, server config)
  • Get involved in the discussion and sprint planning to plan and roll out a new product feature
  • You will be responsible for delivering scalable, maintainable and secure code.

Here are some things we are looking for:

  • 2+ years of back end application development in Ruby on Rails
  • Expertise in ROR fundamentals, PHP and web technologies
  • Attention to tough problem solving on authentication, improving the general architecture, adding new features on the back end to give greater flexibility to the app and allow different levels of access for various group of users
  • Someone who picks things up quickly and contributes to everyone’s learning

Are you all about ensuring the speed and quality of software? Piktochart is looking for an experienced and passionate Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer who can lead and mentor a team of developers and product managers towards identifying unambiguous software requirements, then developing and executing strategies to get that software into customers’ hands in an efficient and high-quality fashion.

A sample of what you will be working on:

  • Participate in the review and definition of requirements specifications to ensure function, performance, reliability, scalability, testability, usability, and security and compliance.
  • Develop test plans, testing resource requirements, and overall scheduling of testing activity
  • Educate developers and QA engineers on various aspects of QA, – thought process, test coverage priorities, risk analyses, actual testing code, etc.
  • Responsible for developing manual and automated test cases and configurations needed to meet testing of business requirements
  • Executes test cases/scripts to ensure delivery of quality software applications
  • Monitors and tracks resolution of defects, coordinating with engineers in order to prevent, report, and resolve
  • Designs, monitors, and analyzes quality assurance metrics such as debug, debug counts, test results, and test status
  • This “rebel with a cause” looks beyond the obvious for continuous improvement opportunities

Here are some things we are looking for:

  • Be a clear communicator (written and verbal) – to ensure ability to write test plans and test cases. To communicate bugs to developers and other stakeholders
  • Have a creative mind – to continuously think out of the box and determine realistic edge test cases that others might not think of
  • Able to identify test cases and tie them to varying levels of risk from the business perspective
  • 3-5 years experience in Software Quality Assurance
  • At least 3+ years experience in web programming
  • Know how to deal with rapid and agile development/push to production
  • (Bonus) Experience working with web testing automation tools and frameworks like RSpec, Capybara, Selenium, Cucumber, QUnit, etc.

We are looking to improve our web app and there’s so much new interactions to implement to better the user experience. We are looking for a UI developer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the science of programming.
If you are passionate in creating functional and beautiful web applications that deliver great user experiences, then read on.
What you will be doing

  • You will translate the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.
  • Bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works.
  • Ability to understand good design practices and write good code to put the design into action.
  • Work with UI/UX designers and developers to brainstorm web app concepts.

Who we’re looking for

  • You write clean HTML, you love the power of CSS and familiar with HTML/CSS editor such as Sublime.
  • You know the principles and best practices in user-centered design.
  • You have experience in developing flows and interaction for web applications.
  • You have experience in web design, Bootstrap/Foundation or any other frameworks.
  • We do expect you have a portfolio website which contains several projects that you are really proud of which you have coded.
  • UX is second nature.

Are you all about customer’s success? Piktochart is looking for incredibly passionate people who want to ensure that success of the infographic campaign for their customers. What you will be working on?

  • Provide customer relationship management for all assigned customers
  • Assist customers to expand their usage of the product
  • Be trusted advisor to answer customer questions, identifying needs for customization and further implementation where applicable.
  • Provide resources to answer customer questions, identifying needs for customization and further implementation where applicable
  • Fully understand customer requests, documenting and engaging appropriate resources.
  • Coordinate users hosting offline events by collating a database of events

What will you need to succeed?

  • Passion for customer success. Demonstrated exceptional customer skills from previous employment (at least 3 years of relevant work experience)
  • Strong and proven track record of successfully managing customer expectations
  • Self motivated, team-oriented, very responsible, and focused on exceeding customer expectations.
  • Understanding of enterprise internet business models and online processes terminology, concepts and strategies.
  • Exceptional organizational, presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Is able to work across different time zones, especially Eastern time zone (attends at least 1x online meetings per week in Malaysian time zone)