Here are some of the positions available for now. To apply, use the Apply Now form below or alternatively email us directly at shen[at]

Are you all about customer’s success? Piktochart is looking for incredibly passionate people who want to ensure that success of the infographic campaign for their customers. What you will be working on?

  • Provide customer relationship management for all assigned customers
  • Assist customers to expand their usage of the product
  • Be trusted advisor to answer customer questions, identifying needs for customization and further implementation where applicable.
  • Provide resources to answer customer questions, identifying needs for customization and further implementation where applicable
  • Fully understand customer requests, documenting and engaging appropriate resources.
  • Coordinate users hosting offline events by collating a database of events

What will you need to succeed?

  • Passion for customer success. Demonstrated exceptional customer skills from previous employment (at least 3 years of relevant work experience)
  • Strong and proven track record of successfully managing customer expectations
  • Self motivated, team-oriented, very responsible, and focused on exceeding customer expectations.
  • Understanding of enterprise internet business models and online processes terminology, concepts and strategies.
  • Exceptional organizational, presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Is able to work across different time zones, especially Eastern time zone (attends at least 1x online meetings per week in Malaysian time zone)

Piktochart team is looking for a solid marketeer who is able to make marketing decisions based on data. On top of that, you should have solid writing skills and know how to optimize conversion rate. We’re a growing startup based in Penang with more than 2,000,000 users and we have been mentioned on Forbes, MIT Tech Review etc. We’re a family of about 30+ people and we are looking for the next game changer to join us! Here are some things we are looking for:

  • You’re a great copywriter. (You can demonstrate this in your blog, social media posts, Instagram account and previous engagements)
  • You have a lot of experience with analytics. Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, funnels and conversion goals should not be alien to you.
  • You consider yourself a full-stack marketer. You’ve worked on just about everything at one point or another. Content, conversion optimization, social, email, video, SEO, paid, PR, you know how it all fits together. You’re not an expert at all of it but you know where to start.
  • You love improving your craft and learning. Your role will probably change every 3-6 months since we’re a growing company. There will be plenty of opportunities to take on as much responsibility as you can handle.
  • We know that it’s not possible for you to be great at writing, business development and digital marketing. We come from a background of engineering, psychology, project management and arts! (As you can see, none of us had a background in online marketing) The most important piece is that you are keen on learning this and you are able to craft experiments and test your assumptions quickly.
  • You also love working with huge degrees of uncertainty. Our ideas frequently fail and we have to start over from scratch. We don’t always know where the next batch of growth is going to come from. But we’ve learned to thrive in uncertainty and keep pushing until we find the next step. If that uncertainty scares you, this won’t be a good role for you.
  • You may also want to note that the role is crafted for you as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses (not you crafted for the role!)