This is where you can find out about the Pikto-peeps who work behind the scenes to get things done!

  • Andrea Andrea



    Andrea is Chief Technology Officer and is a self-learned Ruby on Railist. He manages server and back end operations as well as a growing team of developers. Andrea’s spare time is spent on his drum set and retro video games.
  • Ching Ai Ching



    Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.
  • Tiffany Giri


    UI/UX designer

    Tiffany is our UI/UX designer for and is into wire framing, designing and is very smiley. Dedicated to life long learning and exploring new cultures, she loves savoury food and dislikes sweet stuff.
  • Jen Yen Jen Yen

    Jen Yen

    Web Designer

    Jen Yen is a Designer and works on the website (yes, this site). She has been designing for Piktochart and dozens of other web interfaces prior to this. She is a voyager and would like to explore each part of the world.
  • Giri Giri


    Web Designer

    Giri is a Designer and works on the existing interface on Passionate about movies, music & hiking, you cannot trivialize any of these matters with him!
  • See Mei See Mei

    See Mei


    See Mei is a Designer and works on adding more infographics, themes and graphics on the library. An illustrator and doodler, she's into all things kawaii, lomo.. really anything that is eye catchy!
  • Rin Rin



    Rin is our infographic designer and is most inspired by the Grafik magazine. Her nick name is Bunny, loves cooking, and is into colored contact lens!
  • Wei Jian Wei Jian

    Wei jian

    Back End Developer

    Wei Jian is an avid Ruby on Rails Developer and works on the back end of the application. When he is not sitting down thinking of his codes, he would be focusing on his fitness bootcamp training or playing games at home.
  • Joachim Joachim


    Back End Developer

    Joachim is a ROR Developer and works on the back end of the web application. He started learning American Sign Language (ASL) this year and wants to teach disabled people soon. He spends his time playing piano and taking photo using a Canon D1000.
  • Hong Ming Hong Ming

    Hong Ming

    Back End Developer

    Hong Ming is also known as the mighty Sunny. A guy that is fond of taking scenery photo and also travel to different country. Ruby on Rails has surely been an enjoyable ride for him.
  • Cloud Cloud


    Back End Developer

    His real name is Li Choong but is affectionately known as Cloud in the office. A ROR developer, Cloud is very good at almost all kinds of sports. As his name suggests, cloud is white and fluffy.
  • Swallow Swallow


    Front End Developer

    Swallow is a Developer and works on the front end of the web app.The only female developer on Piktochart, she has a great smiley personality and is the best car-pool organizer in the office.
  • Elvin Elvin


    Front End Developer

    Elvin is a Developer and works on the charts and data visualization on Piktochart.A former engineer in profession, he enjoys coding and mobile gaming. Elvin also dislikes coffee and durian.
  • Chao Chao


    ROR developer

    Chao is our Ruby on Rails developer and is now back at home in Penang, after spending 5 years in the States. A fan of the Pomodoro technique, Chao is a coffee addict.
  • Joey Joey


    Javascript developer

    Joey is our Javascript developer and has the Queen's English accent. He cycles to and fro work, refusing motor vehicles for some time but finally gave in.
  • Zhen Zhen


    Customer Delight

    Zhen is affectionately known as Zen in the office, he is in charge of Customer Delight. Patient and inquisitive, Zen is also the Office Manager and delights everyone in the office.
  • John John


    Customer Delight

    John is our Customer Delight officer who works in the EST time zone. He is a former psychologist and enjoys traveling. He's the guy most of you deal with on the live chats, tickets and phone calls!
  • Natalija Natalija


    Growth Hacker

    Natalija joins us from Lithuania with a MSc. An adventuress at heart, she aspires to work in fast moving startup environment. Her goal is to eat lots of local food and learn some Chinese. Ni hao!