Piktochart is a visual editor to help users create their infographics without any technical knowledge. Non-designers can create a beautiful presentation for a non-technical audience. Too many paradigms. To get straight to the point, there have been several really good “interactive” infographics which have inspired us to become something which is more than just “data display and presentation tool”. We believe that information is now a one-way street, let’s call it information 1.0, if we must.

Information in the future will become easier to understand, and “stickier.” Of course then, the next question would ponder, if there are so many interactive infographics, would information still be sticky, or would it become more or less like spam?

These are some examples:

1. Hope Cancer Council
Gets you to guesstimate what are the ratio of men and women who are affected by cancer. Explains cancer by body parts in a methodological fashion.Very nicely done- with the vintage graphics in place!

Hope Cancer Council

2. Human Slavery Footprint
Answer a “poll-like” survey which is all interactive and very colourful! The answers come out in the form of a short poll answer with a numbered footprint.

Human Slavery Footprint

3. SPENT By UM Durham
This is an interactive journey that has many possibilities and calculations based on your selections. Realistic, well-made, lots of data, great graphics and sound track. This one has got to top it! Its interactivity in an infographic with a storyline makes it a particularly plausible selection.

PlaySPent interactive infographic

4. Piktochart’s Persona
Takes you through an interactive poll in order to profile what sort of infographic persona you have. It was designed and coded in 2 weeks :)

Piktochart Interactive Infographic Persona

If you have found anymore, please let us know!

Ai Ching

Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.

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