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I was just grabbing a glass of water when I checked Twitter stream and lo and behold, I found this! and Instinctively, I put the glass of water down. Then I checked out It also comes with a snappy Mario tune so I was not sure whether I should burst out laughing or crying. Quite a dilemma!

Piktochart criticism or complaint competitor

While I showed this to the people in the office, most people either laughed it off or started reporting bugs. For example, it did not show the Javascript controllers that enable any item on the canvas to be completely resizeable and manipulated, or do much justice to the charts that are on Piktochart along with the tens or hundreds of features that Piktochart has! (LOL) That said, we can only imagine quite a lot of effort went into the creation of this funny cartoon site and we’d have to thank them for paying a tribute to Piktochart, no matter how untrue it was! Piktochart has come a long way since March 2012 and we thank you all for your support. It has been a true milestone to have someone build a site entirely dedicated to us. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below :) In solidarity ;) Ching & Team

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