If you are trying to access the FAQ for the all-new-Piktochart, please refer to this link

Basics: How to Piktochart

1. How to load a theme?

Select “1. Select a Theme” from the menu on the left. You will be able to scroll downwards in order to select from the themes you prefer.

Load theme

2. How to Change Text/Fonts?

With One Click, you are able to select the color scheme that you prefer. The title text is also known as “Header” text. “Subheader” text is category headers and body text represents the rest of the text. You are also able to modify font size of the 3 groups of text with one click.

Change font size

3. How to change the size of the canvas?

You can currently click on the “+” button next to Canvas on the top menu and that would add an empty block at the bottom of your infographic.

4. Zooming in and out of the canvas

Look out for the symbols below on the top right of the corner. One click will allow zooming in or out.

5. Adding an item from the icons library

There is a modest library on the left. All you have to do is drag them from the library on the left to the right. The icon/graphic will be loaded in a default size.

Image Gallery on the Left Menu

6. Resizing items/graphics

Every icon which is not locked, can be easily resized. Once clicked, the boundaries of the icon will show. To resize in equal proportions, hold the shift key down while enlarging/minimizing the size of the icon.

Piktochart Resizing Icons/Graphics

7. How to rotate an icon?

There is an extra dot on one of the four sides of the icon boundaries. Click and hold to rotate the direction of the icon.

Arrows for rotating

8. How to re-arrange the layers, i.e. layer on top/bring to back/send back?

There is a toolbar that can do this easily (highlighted in red)

How to bring front back infographic

9. Move group of icons together

Hold on to the SHIFT key on the keyboard as multiple icons/images/graphics are selected. To group them, check the “Group” checkbox. You can now move a group of images together.

To ungroup them, click anywhere within the area of the images and uncheck the “Group”box on the top menu.

10. Basic formatting of Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Duplicate

Refer to the toolbar or use the following keyboard shortcuts:
Copy – CTRL C
Cut – CTRL X
Paste – CTRL V
Delete – DELETE

Please note that on MAC, instead of Command C, X, V etc, you will have to use CTRL C, X, V etc.

11. How to save an infographic?

Look for a menu on the top left with infographic. Once you click on the “Save Theme”, the theme is automatically saved so that you can log in and continue with current work. Apart from that, you can also export your work into PNG and JPEG (both static formats). HTML export is not yet stable.

Infographic Save

12. Add a chart into Piktochart

Please note that if you add a chart to Piktochart, the data cannot contain symbols such as “%”. Please also view the video below


1. How to upload an image?

Look for the upload image icon on the 3 Edit info tab. Simply drag and drop the icon onto the canvas to upload you images.

If you are getting an error uploading image, it could be one of the following reasons:

  • The size of your file exceeds 1MB
  • The file is not in a valid format e.g. JPEG, PNG and GIF are accepted
  • You are a free user and you have exceeded the upload limit of 5 slots. You can find out how to delete the images in the following section (11).
  • You have been disconnected while trying to upload files. We recommend you save your work and then reload/refresh the browser.
If you get a red-marked “box” area instead of the uploaded image, that is likely caused by poor connection and/or server trouble. We recommend that you reload the uploaded image. If the problem persists, please write to us at support[at]piktochart.com.

2. How to delete uploaded images?

Please go to app.piktochart.com/themes and click on your user name on the top right corner. The drop down menu will show “Manage my uploads”. Delete the files you do not need using this menu.

How to delete uploaded images on Piktochart

3. How to export/save a high resolution image or better quality PNG?

Zoom into the canvas by clicking on the Zoom in button. Once you have done so, please download as image and you will find that the resolution has improved.

4. How to upload Piktochart infographic on Facebook or WordPress?

Upload the image normally as you would on Facebook or WordPress interface.

WordPress: Take note that WordPress sometimes automatically selects the resolution at half the size of your infographic. All Piktocharts are saved at a default 600 pixels width which is the usual infographic width.

Facebook: Take note that the longer the infographic, the smaller the infographic would appear on Facebook. This is a default Facebook setting. If you can, please upload a photo which has a good landscape size (wider rather than narrow and long) as a thumbnail and then link your Facebook post to your URL.

Pricing & Payment

1. How can I make a payment?

When you select the pricing pack that you want to proceed with, e.g. Pro Pack, click on Sign Up now and you will be asked to enter a couple of personal details which are protected, then enter your Paypal details. After payment has been made, you will be re-directed to your account to sign in with your email (as user name) and password.

If you do not want to make payment by creating a Paypal account, please contact support[at]piktochart.com so that we can send you a manual payment invoice which will get you to pay with a credit card without creating a Paypal account.

2. Making monthly payments

The payments occur monthly automatically on the same day that you make the first payment. E.g. If you have made the first payment on the 15th, you will be billed on the 15th of every month.

3. Closing an account

We are sorry that you are leaving. Nevertheless, please go to Accounts (right tab on the dashboard once you log onto app.piktochart.com) and select “Cancel subscription plan”. Please note that once you cancel the service, the remaining days are forfeited from your Pro account.

If you are encountering any problem with this at all, please let us know at info[at]piktochart.com

4. What happens if I am not satisfied with the service?

We are sorry to know that you are not satisfied. We will be more happy to assist you through any troubles you are facing on Piktochart and usually aim to respond within 24 hours.

Your feedback and satisfaction are important to us at Piktochart, and we give a full refund of the month’s subscription fee if you are not satisfied with our services.

5. Do you also offer other payment methods or bulk payment plans?

At the moment, we are using Paypal although we are planning to offer payment methods which include Visa and Master credit card. We are coming up with a bulk payment plan for Pro users who would like to sign up for Pro accounts annually.

We are also considering a different model for the education and charities. Please get in touch to find out more at info[at]piktochart.com.

Pro Version

1. What are the differences between Free and Pro versions?

The Free version carries a Piktochart watermark whenever you export it.

Pro version allows you to:

  • Customize more themes (over 80 different ones with 6 color schemes each)
  • Save in PNG
  • Upload more images and re-use them
  • [COMING SOON]Use an interactive version to create infographics that enable your users to click/decide what they want to see on the infographic

2. How many themes will be added to the gallery in the future?

At this moment of writing (Sept 2012), we have over 80+ themes and we are planning to add 10 themes per month. There are also plans for designers to get involved in the role of creating themes! Please contact info[at]piktochart.com if you would like to create crowdsourced infographics together with us and showcase your work on app.piktochart.com

3. What sort of data visualization methods are available?

There are 4 basic visualization methods available to the Pro version only: Bar chart, line chart, bubble chart and pie chart. We are also allowing more graphical formats which are simple representations of quantities using icons and graphics/vectors.

4. I would like to suggest a feature. How do I do that?

We really welcome all your feedbacks and comments/suggestions. Please write us at info[at]piktochart.com.

If you have a theme design to suggest, please let us know via this link.


1. Why does the theme not load completely?

This should not happen and if it does, please contact us via support[at]piktochart.com immediately. You can also take a screencast or screenshot of your screen and send it to us to expedite it.

2. The page is stuck- help!

Oh dear! That is a major blue screen isn’t it? We strongly recommend you to reload app.piktochart.com and let us know which browser and OS you are on. Thank you!

3. Piktochart does not work on IPad/Iphone

At the moment, we do not have a version which is compatible on Iphone and Ipad yet. We have something in the pipeline but we are not able to announce anything as of yet. Stay tuned and perhaps the development team will speed up their work if we get more emails on this!

4. I bought Piktochart via Appsumo and the redeem code does not work!

Please ensure that you have created an account with Piktochart.

1. Go to app.piktochart.com/redeem

2. Register for a new account (NOT log in)

3. Key in the voucher codes, e.g. without spaces at the END or Beginning

4. You are a Pro user!

The 2 steps that users usually get wrong are clicking on log in instead of register and keying in the voucher codes with spaces in the end or beginning. Please view this link for more info.