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I’ve always been the go-to person when it came to making presentations. It didn’t matter what type of presentation — business, knowledge sharing, reports, pitches etc.—they all fell on my desk. The people I worked with were meticulous. Every detail mattered.

While it’s never easy to work with perfectionists, they are the best people to learn from.

Probably the most challenging part of making a presentation is getting started. I remember, like it was yesterday, how I struggled with my first presentation. I stared at the blank slide with just the title of the topic, sitting there wondering what to do next.

Eventually, with time and focus, I managed to get it done. But it was quickly turned away even before I got to the second slide. There were many things I wish I knew before I got started. The thing is, we can’t expect people to tell us exactly what to do. We are all busy people – hence being delegated with this task.

Additionally, they may have an idea what they want but won’t be able to give you the details. While some details require input from others, you mostly need initiative and a resourceful researcher with their sleeves pulled up.

I’ve been through my share of rejections and brick walls throughout my career as a PowerPoint monkey. But over time, I’ve managed to pick up skills and what they like to call in the industry “best practices” to produce winning presentation packages.

So, instead of

  • hoping someone would tell you how to do it, or
  • bugging your colleagues with unnecessary questions, or
  • wasting your time in doing what may or may not be rejected anyway,

you could impress your audience by doing your homework.

Here are 7 steps to prepare your presentation and get the job done productively!

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